In this 2004 press release the pros of the FST class compared to the Vee class are pointed out in more detail.


The uprising of the FST class can be contributed to the fact that Vee parts started to be costly and rare. 

Formula FST started out in New Zealand and made its way to the U.S. This document explains out the FST came to be as a replacement for the Vee.

The first driver, Bill Bonow, took the course in 2002. As it shows the class quickly rose in fame between the 2002 season and the 2004 season as the entires rise from only 1 driver to around 13 different drivers as. 

This general press release is a news update at the time about what is going on in the FST community.

The 2006 season had many different race winners throughout the season. The season had many exciting race which showed many that the class was bound to rise in fame among racers and fans alike. 

This article was written to explain the Vee group, its history and how Porsche has contributed to the group.

Of course with a every new racing class there needs to be a specific set of rules that need to be followed. Here is the draft for the rules in 2001.

History of First

In 2002, Formula First became a low cost reality in US open wheel road racing. The class has continually grown to become recognized by multiple sanctioning bodies throughout the US. The Formula First Drivers Association (FFDA) was formed to focus our growth into promotion and organization in order to expand the Formula First racing class. The FFDA annually plans, schedules and executes a series of race meetings to showcase Formula First. The FFDA utilized our intense level of competition and camaraderie to create The Hoosier Tire US Formula First Championship Series.


Now the U.S. Formula First series is gaining momentum and has made a name for itself as being a cheap and competitive class in formula car racing. With a growing number of supporters, drivers and teams the First series is growing to new heights. With the 2017 schedule being released the series has hopes for a big turnout to tracks such as Indy, Road America, Watkins Glen and Virginia international Raceway. This year could be the biggest year yet for the U.S. Formula First Championship. 

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