Part Costs


Retail Price

Price Total
BrakeCalipers 4$43$172
Rear Caliper Bracket 1 Set$16$16
Front Rotor2$61$122
Rear Rotor2$62$124
Inner Bearings 2$6$12
Outer Bearings2$6$12
Wheel Seals2$2$4
Bear Front Beam1$160$160
Internal Sway Bar1$110$110
Sway Bar Spacer Set1$22$22
Torsion Spring Pack1$59$59
Beam Shock Mount Kit1$25$25
Upper Torsion Arm2$69$138
Lower Torsion Arm2$99$128
Beam Dust Seal2$2$4
Disc Brake Spindle LT1$71$71
Disc Brake Spindle RT1$71$71
Disc Cover (Hub Cap)4$2$8
Front Axle Thrust Washers2$5$10
Wheels8$75 each +$600
Dry Slicks(Rear)2$168$336
Dry Slicks(front)2$139$278
Rain Tires(Rear)2$247$494
Rain Tires(Front)2$226$452
Long Box Trans.1--
12V Starter Motor1$140$140
1600 FST Engine1$4100-
Dry Sump Tank & Fittings2-$300+

Conversion From Vee to FST

Here is a list of parts you will need for a conversion from a running Formula Vee to a Running Formula First.


* These are prices as of this date  6/2012.  Prices can change. SR Racing can offer you a package price that will save you quite a bit from what your total might be. Also with a trip to a well supplied VW salvage yard or other VW vendors, you may find better pricing.

** This can vary slightly with desired options, cooler and oil plumbing type etc.  Your running FV engine can be sold for anywhere from $1500 to $3500 depending upon history, etc. 

So, if you purchase all from a retailer (most new),  you will approach $7000.  Some items torsion arms, beams, etc, can be found at salvage yards and VW flea marts.  You should be able to sell your existing FV components for anywhere from $2000 to $5000. Depending upon how much you race, your net savings could be $1000 to $2000 per year. (tire longevity). Most FST parts are less expensive, new and readily available. So there could be a bit more savings. (Brakes, etc.) Engine rebuilds run about the same as FV, except most parts are less expensive.